31 Jan 2012

Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish

Heyyy Girls!!!
I'm off to Dubai to hit the malls and take a mini vacation all together. As part of my grooming before I travel abroad routine I cut my hair shorter, dyed it darker and shopped for plenty of last minute things that a girl just cannot do without. I also bought these nail paints which I will be reviewing today as my last post of the month before I fly off to holidayyy!!

Reviewing today, Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish.

Since Miss Claire is a Korean brand that is locally manufactured in my city, I was not able to find a webpage or any other information of this company online. You can see the pictures closely for what little info has been made available on the bottles. The price of this nail paint is given as INR 225 on the bottle. However, I bought it for a measly INR 175 each. The quantity in each bottle is 15 ml. Miss Claire nail polish comes in a glass bottle with an easy application flat brush that can cover you nail with the polish in one easy stroke. The packaging looks classy and almost too similar to O.P.I nail paints.

Now let me tell you how exactly I came across these nail paints. I had popped into a store in my neighbourhood that keeps all sorts of imported self care products. I had picked my regular Maybelline 40 second nail varnishes when a SA stepped into request me to try these nail paints. She demonstrated the tomato red shade that I'm wearing in the picture below on herself and added that these varnishes would not cause dis-colouration of my nails even if I wear them for long periods of time. Also the nail paint applied swiftly in an easy stroke and seemed to have great color pigments which made it look like she was wearing a double coat. Needless to say, I was sold and opted for these over the Maybelline's.

Application :
Apply as you would any nail paint. Starting from the centre of the nail and then sweeping over the corners. Let  your nails air dry for about 5 minutes and your good to go.

Pro's of Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish :

  • Great looking polish bottle with an easy to use brush 
  • Nail paints with an extensive range to choose from. Almost every color you can imagine on your nails!
  • The nail paints have bright color pigments reducing the need of a second coat
  • According to the claims of the SA which I still have to test, the formula of this nail paint will prevent the dis-colouration of your nails
  • Affordable price for the quantity of paints in each bottle
  • Dries in approximately 5 minutes which is okay waiting time for me
Cons of Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish :
  • Less to do with the product and more with the brand but I sincerely wish that Miss Claire would at least have a page online and market themselves better
To Splurge or Not to Splurge :
All the nail art aficionados who are always on the lookout for different and hard to find nail paints, please check out which store stocks these lovelies in your city. I'm definitely going to buy them in as many colors as I like. They even have 3 different types of red's! And don't even get me started on the pink's!! I will try and get a shot of the entire range next time I visit the store and post it up here.

Final Verdict :
Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish gets a 4/5 from me!


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